Load any PDF

You can drag and drop or upload any pdf document to your dashboard, then request signatures, initials and data. You can also use the typewriter, highlighter and auto date tools to enhance your document.

Load multiple PDF documents

You can upload 2 or more documents, drag and drop to any order you prefer and create a single PDF document. If you have 5 different PDFs that you need signed, simply upload all 5 PDFs. Then drag the PDF to the order you want them to appear. Click the COMBINE button and your 5 PDFs become a single PDF.

Request Data on the PDF

If you need your client to type data on the document such as their name and address, you can drag and drop a REQUEST DATA element onto the pdf. When your client opens the document, they will clearly see what information is needed and where to place it.

Date fields

You may want your client to sign one or more times on the document and have it dated. You can drag and drop the DATE FIELD elements anywhere on the PDF. When your client signs and sends the document, the current system date will auto appear on the document everywhere you placed the DATE FIELD element.

Type on the document

When you load your pdfs, you can click the TYPE element and simply type any data anywhere on the PDF. Many times you may find that you loaded a PDF that is missing data. You no longer need to load the PDF in some other program, make the changes and save. You can now type and make changes instantly thru the USD GoSign dashboard.

Expiration Dates

With time sensitive documents, you have an option to set an expiration date. Your client will not be allowed to sign the document after the set expiration date and will be notified to contact you.

Email signed docs

From your dashboard you can quickly email your signed document and certificate of completion.

Certificate of completion

If proof of digital signature is needed, you can easily email from your dashboard your USD GoSign Certificate of Completion which has a log of your transaction including IPs, time stamps, emails of parties involved and images of the signatures.

Quick Search and sort

You can quickly search for clients by name and/or company name in your dashboard as well as quickly sort by any column headers.

Cell Phone ready

Your clients can quickly view, sign, initial and send from anywhere using their ANDROID or APPLE IOS device including cell phones.

Multi client signatures

If your document requires multiple signatures such as partners in a firm, owners of an LLC or married couple, you can request this information from each party. Once the first person completes their signatures, the document is sent to the next person to sign. When all parties complete their requested information, an email confirmation along with a link to the completed document is sent to all parties.

Request Payment

You can request a signature and money at the same time. Your client will get your document, sign it then make a payment by check, VISA, MASTER CARD and AMEX. The money will be deposited into the bank account of your choice. If you do not want to pay any CC or ACH fees, you can pass the fees to the customer.

Request images

After signing, your client can simply take a snapshot or upload an image from their phone for you to see and download from your dashboard.

Highlight Tool

Use the yellow highlight tool to enable any part of the document to stand out for your client.